Kissing on the neck in a dream

What does kiss on the neck in a dream mean? What does it mean? Is it a good dream or a bad dream? It states that the person does not like stinginess and will tend towards environments or people where they can move more comfortably.

Kissing on the neck in a dream

The dream informs that you do not give up in the face of obstacles, that what comes to mind is done, and that the person who suspends their communication by not compromising their own truths, even though other people don't like it, is criticized harshly from the outside. According to a different interpretation, kissing on the neck indicates the mercy of the dreamer and reveals that he gives the same care to every living creature, does not hide his feelings, and volunteers a little buttermilk in his love life. Kissing a small child on the neck means adopting or protecting an orphaned child. Seeing an old person being kissed on the neck indicates the size of the person's share from the inheritance.

Kissing your spouse on the neck in a dream

It means having good marriages, having good-hearted children, and it indicates that the person does not know anything other than halal in terms of Islam, and is very afraid of both haram and falsehood. If the person who sees that he kisses his wife on the neck is single, it is referred to a religious fortune that will come before him. It is also a sign of getting financial support from mother or father in business. It also means gaining power, regaining its former glory, and walking confidently on the road to success.


Kissing your child on the neck in a dream

It indicates that the person's family holds him first and foremost for their happiness, he earns his living by working day and night without ever complaining and uses everything he must make his loved ones happy. It means that the dreamer will have children who will take care of himself in his old age and will never fail in respect and love.


Interpretation of kissing on the neck in a dream

It is a sign of unnecessary sentimentality. It indicates that the dreamer, who has difficulty in putting his logic into action, cannot manage the crisis moments in his life. It also reports that he is under the influence of other people's ideas and that he is often in conflicting situations due to constant change of mind. It can also be interpreted as postponing important decisions.