3. Seeing ex-love in a dream

Seeing ex-love in a dream

What is the meaning of seeing the ex-love in a dream? What does it mean to spend time with your ex in a dream? Seeing ex-love in a dream is called differently for those who have a lover and differently for those who do not.

Seeing ex-love in a dream

It means that the relationship of the person who sees ex-love in a dream, even though he/she has a girlfriend or boyfriend, will end. But for the dreamer who has no boyfriend or girlfriend means a new relationship. Indicates that the person will take a step into a new love.

Seeing the ex-love in a dream is not defined in a single way, sometimes it means separation, sometimes togetherness, the ex-love also means a good and clean marriage. However, seeing ex-love in a dream of a married woman or a married man indicates the problems, disagreements and troubles that will be experienced in the marital life.

Receiving a letter from ex-love in a dream

Receiving a love letter from a lover in a dream means that one's most desired wishes come true and a great happiness. Writing a love letter to a lover in a dream also indicates joy, comfort and peace.

Traveling with ex-love in a dream

Seeing that you are traveling with your ex in a dream indicates happy and beautiful days. It means that the dream owner will get all his/her wishes.

Tangling with the ex-love in a dream

Tangling with your ex in a dream indicates a beautiful marriage, on the contrary to the dream. A person who sees in his/her dream that he/she is fighting with the ex will make a beautiful marriage.

Seeing the lover in a dream

It is always nice to see a lover in a dream and it points to good news and happy developments to be experienced. It means both happy and joyful news and good days to live. Seeing the lover sullen and unattractive indicates unpleasantness to be experienced.

Seeing the girl whom you used to love in a dream

It means that the person who has this dream will have trouble for a while due to the heavy financial responsibility on him/her.


Talking to ex-lover in a dream

It is interpreted that the person who dreamed will make a good decision after experiencing many difficulties and dealing with many people, that this will increase his/her confidence in himself/herself, overcome his/her problems one by one, meet a good fortune, then open up to this person and set sail for a very nice relationship together. Talking and discussing with the ex-love in the dream is a sign that a friendship that started well will suffer due to financial problems, a discussion will occur in a new job, and some of the wealth will be lost because of a liar.

Laughing with the ex-love

It is said that the dreamer will deal with a person who turns his/her back on his/her friends for his/her interests, that he/she will be in the middle of a big problem because of this person, then there will be long-term financial difficulties and therefore trust in people will be shaken. Laughing and sadness with the ex-love in the dream signifies that problems will suddenly break out, an event that seems harmless will cause many problems, you will have to work in an unwanted job, and that an angry and otherwise person will work under the command of a person.


Making up with the ex-love

It is a sign that the dream owner will start a job that will fulfill his/her morale and take away many of his/her problems, that he/she will get the home of his/her dreams with the money he/she will earn from this job, that he/she will make a project that many people say "no way" or "difficult to do", and eliminate a heartbreak he/she has experienced in the past. Making up and hugging the ex-love in the dream means that the mistakes made will be compensated, a difficult person will work to accept the situation, a good decision will be made, and a difficult path will be easily overcome, and the goal will be reached in line with this decision.

Arguing with the ex-love in a dream

It means an exorable home. It is a sign that the dreamer will stay away from family members for a short time due to work, that he/she will feel their absence during this period, so he/she will long for all of them when he/she returns and will do his/her best not to stay away again. In the dream, it is narrated to argue and fight with the ex-love, to face an unfortunate situation, to deal with a severe contagious disease, being unable to sleep, to have a further problem with nutrition, and being obligated to meet with a specialist.