3. Seeing fight in a dream

Seeing fight in a dream

What does it mean to see fight in a dream? What are the interpretations of seeing fight in a dream? Fighting in a dream can be interpreted in several ways. In a dream, the community fighting with each other means that there will be poverty and famine in that society.

Seeing fight in a dream

 If the fight is against the ruler, sultan, king, shah, or president, this indicates that the labels and costs will decrease, and the purchasing power will increase. The person who sees that he/she is fighting with someone in the dream will actually have an argument or a fight. Fighting also signifies power and strength. In addition, it points to conflicting with someone, getting into a conflict of opinion, and moving away in terms of beliefs. If in the dream the person got into a fight with a firearm, it means marrying a woman. If the dreamer is fighting with a cutting tool, it means that he/she will gain an honor and victory by fighting the sacred path.

Fighting in a dream signifies good things. It signifies the luck, the long life, the abundance of earnings and sustenance, and a beautiful life.

Fighting in a dream

Fighting in a dream signifies disagreement, conflict, hostility, distance, and real fighting. If the dreamer sees that he/she is fighting only verbally, this indicates events that will cause sadness and distress.

Fighting with a sword in a dream

Fighting with a firearm or a sharp tool in the dream indicates activities that will cause surprise and confusion. A person who sees him/her fighting with a sword or a gun in a dream means that he/she will astonish everyone by doing something that no one expected of him/her.

Seeing people who are fighting each other in a dream

Contrary to the dream, it is an indicator of good livelihood, harmony, understanding and tolerance among people. For example, seeing a couple fighting, to the power of love, love and loyalty between them, seeing two siblings fighting, to the integrity between those siblings, seeing two friends fighting, portends the true and permanent friendship between those two friends.

Seeing fight with knife in a dream

It means that the fight will be fierce and very heated. It is a sign that the person who sees the dream will have a very big argument with a person and that both sides will mutually utter words that will hurt and humiliate each other as much as insulting, cursing, and humiliating. And it is rumored that the person will suffer a great spiritual injury due to the confrontation with this situation, that he/she will be angry with himself/herself because of his/her falling into this situation and that he/she will have arguments from time to time.


Intrafamilial fighting in a dream

It is interpreted that family members will come to a situation of conflict due to a division of property or inheritance in the family, and that they do not like their share and become enemies to each other. In addition, it indicates that there will be a financial impasse at an unexpected time because of the missed opportunities in working life.

Seeing gunfight in a dream

It means sound. So, the spread of a news or a situation that will cause surprise to be learned by everyone. It is a sign that an event will take place around the person who sees the dream and that will attract people's attention and arouse curiosity on them. At the same time, it indicates that the advertisement made in some sources will make a lot of noise, increase the earnings, and become the owner of property.


Seeing wedding and fighting in a dream

It signifies that a good event that the person who sees the dream will experience will not end well. For example, a favor or sacrifice made by someone to him/her is interpreted as that the goodness and sacrifice made by that person have no value for him/her.

Seeing fight in a mosque

It indicates a social confusion. So; It is interpreted that there is a misunderstanding where people are in a crowded place and it will not be easy to overcome this situation. It means that the person who sees the dream will be one of the people in this crowd and will be left in the middle of the chaos.