3. Shooting someone with a gun in a dream

Shooting someone with a gun in a dream

What does it mean to shoot someone in a dream? What are the interpretations of shooting or hitting someone in a dream? Anyone who dreamed that he/she shot, injured, or killed someone with a gun gets news about his/her enemy.

Shooting someone with a gun in a dream

This dream indicates that you will receive the bad news of a person who envies you and makes bad things behind you or that you will get rid of him/her completely and relax. Some scholars say that the person who kills a person with a gun in the dream indicates that he/she will not get rid of trouble. If a person kills someone, he/she knows in a dream with a gun, it indicates that he/she will be subjected to a great test.

Getting shot and bleeding in a dream

A person who is shot in a dream and bleeds from where he/she was shot gets angry and cannot control his/her anger. This dream is an indication that if you do not calm yourself and constantly get angry with everything, you will end up being harmful and you will have trouble with some issues.

Getting shot with a rifle in a dream

If a person gets shot with a rifle in a dream will be harmed by someone he never expected. This dream indicates that someone around you is envious of you and is waiting for time to harm you. Sometimes getting shot with a rifle can be interpreted as being free from sins, returning from mistakes made, or relieving after boredom.

Getting shot in the head in a dream

Anyone who dreamed that he/she gets shot in the head with a gun or any object reconsidered an event he/she had forgotten for a long time, or that incident comes alive again. This dream indicates that some old issues will reappear, and you will either feel sorry or rejoice as a result of this event.


Getting shot in the heart in a dream

The person who gets shot in the heart in the dream starts a love affair. This dream is often interpreted as being in love. Someone who gets shot in the heart sometimes falls into a love affair with a person who is not suitable for him/her and will suffer later on and experiences a great sadness as a result of this relationship. Sometimes getting shot in the heart also indicates that the person gets rid of the feelings such as anger, hatred, and grudge and the emotions disappear.

Whipping in a dream

If you see that you whip someone in your dream, if he/she knows the person he/she hit, he/she talks hurtful about that person in real life or makes a gossip about that person. If blood comes from where you hit, this dream sometimes disrupts and is therefore it does not be interpreted. This dream sometimes indicates cruelty and doing harm to some people.

A person who whips someone in a dream makes sure that he/she is afraid and gets rid of the troubles. Sometimes this indicates that the person who dreamed receives news from a place he/she never expected, to attain his/her wish while he/she has given up hope. Having this dream sometimes signifies harm and loss for the person who whips.


Hitting someone with your hand in a dream

A person who hits or slaps someone in a dream acquires some bad habits and as a result he/she will be harmed. This dream is sometimes a harbinger of humiliation among people or gaining their anger and hatred as a result of some actions for the person who sees it. If the dreamer knows the person, he/she hit, he/she will do something evil to them, and sometimes he/she will prevent him/her from doing something bad.