What does it mean to be in prison in a dream? What is the meaning of seeing a prison in a dream?

Being in a prison in a dream is interpreted in different ways by scholars. According to some, this dream means getting rid of worldly troubles.Especially for people who are stuck in sin and whose goal is the world, this dream is interpreted as repentance from sins and turning from mistakes.

What does it mean to be in prison in a dream? What is the meaning of seeing a prison in a dream?

Sometimes being in prison is a sign of freedom, getting away from people who are connected to you and bothering you, going abroad or going on a long journey. If a man in prison sees this dream, it can be interpreted that he will soon be freed, to be cleared for those who have been slandered, and to realize that he is innocent.


Seeing you lie in prison in a dream

The person who sees that he is punished in a dream and therefore is in prison will have to bear the consequences of his mistakes. If you have seen that you have been imprisoned innocently, this dream is interpreted as a slander or blameless accusation in real life. The person who goes to prison because he is guilty commits a mistake in the world or torments people. To see that you are in prison sometimes indicates that you tend to the world too much, lose yourself by indulging in pleasure and pleasure, and abandon your spirituality. If a relative of yours is imprisoned instead of you, it indicates a relative who will need you and to help him.

Seeing prisoner in prison in a dream

To see a prisoner staying in a prison in your dream refers to people with different intentions that you will come across. The person who sees this dream is exposed to the attack of friendly-looking enemies and their tricks. At the same time, this dream is a symbol of people who will distance you from the hereafter and cause you to sin.

Psychological ınterpretation of being in prison in a dream

Being in prison in a dream is a manifestation of feeling stuck and overwhelmed in one's inner world. It is the reflection of this psychology in the person who is alone in his normal life, even in crowds, or who feels abandoned because he does not enjoy the life he lives.

Seeing prison in a dream

To see a prison in your dream refers to difficult people and difficult events. It indicates that there are people around the dreamer, especially his wife, whom he cannot make happy, for this reason, he is very tired and worn out. These people are such difficult and ungrateful people that if the dreamer catches a bird with his mouth, it still cannot be beneficial to them. The dreamer always throws this situation into himself. patiently still tries to make these people happy. To see a prison in a dream also indicates injustice and disappointment. It means that the person will be judged unfairly for something he did not do and will be very upset. Sometimes it refers to people in authority.

Going to Prison in a dream

Falling into prison in a dream is interpreted in two ways. While it points to the derailment of the things that are going on his way, on the other hand, it indicates long years to be lived in front of the dream owner.

To visit the prison in a dream

It points to the person whom the dreamer consults before doing a job, whether it is right or not. So it means that the dreamer will become a mentor and consult him about everything that comes to mind.

Seeing to get out of prison in a dream

It is said that the days will come when the person will get rid of the suffering and trouble and both his body and soul will be comfortable.

Seeing a prison door in a dream

It is expressed in two ways, if the door of the prison is closed, it means to be really convicted, if the door is open, it means to be freed from captivity.