3. Seeing poop in a dream

Seeing poop in a dream

What does it mean to see poop in a dream? Is it good or bad for the dreamer? It is not good to see poop in a dream, it indicates the sustenance, blessing, property, and earnings that a person obtains from ready and unworthy.

Seeing poop in a dream

A person who touches poop in a dream or sees that poop smudges on you means that the reamer is wasting time by pursuing empty deeds, impossible dreams, and fictional ideals.

It points out that the dream owner will increase his/her property, his/her fortune and luck will increase and many opportunities will occur before him/her, other business doors will open, and he/she will find a cure for all kinds of illnesses. Also, it means that the person will also have assets and wealth depends on the amount of the poop. A person who sees that he/she is eating poop in the dream means he/she is tending himself/herself for things that will not benefit him/her at all.

Seeing a kid’s poop in a dream

Seeing kid poop in a dream indicates that everything will go well in a person's life and that they will be in peace.

Seeing to step on a poop in a dream

It means that the person who has this dream is running after things that would not be possible and is living in an imaginary world.

Seeing a human’s poop in a dream

It is nice to see human poop in a dream, it indicates that one will come to a very good place among everybody thanks to the successes he/she has achieved in business life.


Seeing an animal’s poop in a dream

It is very good to see animal poop in a dream, it indicates that the person will get rid of all his/her troubles and relax.

Seeing your own poop in a dream

Seeing poop in a dream indicates ugly words, unbecoming deeds and actions, mistakes, shame, and mistakes.

It is defined as making people upset, hurt, and losing their own value due to mistakes to be made in both business and private life.

Defecate in a dream

The person who has this dream will sacrifice whatever he/she has in his/her hand in order to have more and better. It is narrated to sacrifice existing ones for profit.

Eating your poop in a dream

It indicates that the dreamer finds himself/herself different from other people, loves and values ​​too much than he/she should do. It denotes the existence of a person who goes beyond everything and therefore stands out, sometimes condemned, and sometimes seems to be distasteful to other people.


Cleaning up the poop in a dream

It signifies that the dreamer has good and auspicious thoughts, he/she will oppose injustice, he/she will not covet haram, he/she will live halal by working with his/her sweat and honor, and that he/she will not be involved in any bad deeds other than the acceptable ones.

Picking up the poo in a dream

It is interpreted that the dreamer will make a profit and become rich by making attempts to get rid of his/her livelihood problems, increase his/her profits, increase his/her earnings and thus increase his/her goods.

Falling into the poop in a dream

This is not a good dream. It is said that the person who has the dream will put himself/herself in a difficult situation, defile his/her name, damage his/her reputation and lose his/her position, and then make a long effort to get rid of this situation. It points to injustice and slander in return for good intentions.