3. What does it mean to dream of armed men?

What does it mean to dream of armed men?

What does it mean to see a mafia?To see armed men in a dream is one of the frequently searched dream interpretations on the internet. People often wonder what it means to see a mafia in a dream. So, what does it mean to see armed men in a dream? What is the meaning? Here are the details...

What does it mean to dream of armed men?

Seeing armed men in a dream usually represents the opportunities that the dream owner will come across in business matters, and it is also an expression of many news to come.

Gun means news. For the dreamer, it means confronting the words of those who are unable to attract people, especially among relatives, who look at their success, on family assets, instead of having a say in matters that concern their family. Being courageous is also interpreted as protecting one's own life and loved ones, and becoming a person at a level that will ensure the safety of life and property of the people under its protection.

Being shot by armed men in a dream

It means reaching salvation and indicates that those who are imprisoned or living in prison will be free soon, and that they will spend good times with their loved ones with this good news. The dream, which also means to have power, to gather strength, to increase one's reputation, means that thanks to the important support to be received from others, one's life will be much easier, and that both his family and loved ones will be behind his victories.


This dream means to take root, to become a strong person at work, to be respected and at the same time to be an important person whose name is respected by everyone. It is also interpreted as doing works in the field of science and developing big projects that will provide recognition in many parts of the world. It is also said that the current life will end and a new life will begin, that we are at the turning point. It means that the dream owner, who will renew the sense of trust, will never let his friends around him down, and that his desires and wishes will always be supported.


Psychological interpretation of seeing armed men in a dream

It indicates the existence of anxieties, excitements, situations that cause hesitation, and gives information about the weakening of the sense of security. Seeing yourself in danger also means experiencing a panic attack.